The Healer’s Apprentice REVIEW

Title: The Healer’s Apprentice

Author: Melanie Dickerson

Genre:  Young Adult, Historical Fiction, Romance

Publisher: Zondervan



Rose has been appointed as a healer’s apprentice at Hagenheim Castle, a rare opportunity for a woodcutter’s daughter like her. While she often feels uneasy at the sight of blood, Rose is determined to prove herself capable. Failure will mean returning home to marry the aging bachelor her mother has chosen for her—a bloated, disgusting merchant who makes Rose feel ill.

When Lord Hamlin, the future duke, is injured, it is Rose who must tend to him. As she works to heal his wound, she begins to understand emotions she’s never felt before and wonders if he feels the same. But falling in love is forbidden, as Lord Hamlin is betrothed to a mysterious young woman in hiding. As Rose’s life spins toward confusion, she must take the first steps on a journey to discover her own destiny.


My Review:

I had read comments about how this book was loaded with bible verses and religious references so I went into this book expecting it left and right; what I found was that it didn’t bother me at all. It was a pleasant surprise that the book had the amount of Christian beliefs proper of the medieval times and how everything was done bearing God in mind, which we don’t do often enough anymore.

For me, The Healer’s Apprentice is just a normal YA historical fantasy IF we don’t go by what we consider “normal” in 2017. Allow me to explain: Throne of Glass Series is considered a YA series, BUT at some point well into the books the romance between Aelin and Rowan becomes too spicy for a YA audience so in my opinion we are getting our audience way ahead of their time. That’s what I found refreshing about this book: it has a clean old fashioned romance, a heroin that is determined and badass within the limitations of her time and empowered enough to not afraid to speak her mind (again, within the limitations of her time).

The writing is clean and smooth, the historical aspects were well-researched although I would have liked to see a little more about a healer’s occupation, the descriptions were detailed enough and the only negative I find with it is that by page 90 I already knew who the heroin was because the hints were so obvious… but, since this is a re-telling we already knew how it would end.

What I didn’t get is why the kiss woke her up if there was no curse; I feel the demons and their vanishing part could have been better developed in order to be more exciting and the characters could have taken a more positive action but… I find that I really liked this book and will continue the Hagenheim series for sure.

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