Back 2 School Tornado

Good day my fellow Book Bloggers!!

The whole Back 2 School F-5 tornado is back and I was caught in it, so this week’s been chaotic!!

We spent our vacations at my parents’ in our home country Guatemala (we’re expats in El Salvador) and we returned on August 6th with barely 3 days to haul school supplies, name-tag said supplies and cover textbooks and notebooks in plastic wrap.

In case you’re wondering, here in El Salvador we don’t have the option of renting the textbooks from the school, we have to buy them all and cover them in plastic wrap. We also buy all the notebooks, cover them in color paper according to the school’s requests for each subject, place the nametag and cover in plastic wrap.


I know what you’re thinking… what a waste of resources!! I agree, it is. I’ve brought this to the attention of every school my kids have been at with no results and I just hate it but have to live with it.

As soon as we got home, I put myself to work on the name tags. My daughter wanted Star Wars labels so I thanked God I had downloaded the Free 2017 Star Wars Watercolor Calendar from The Cottage Market (thank you so very much Andrea, please check out her stuff) because that’s what I used for her labels. My son wanted them Pokémon so I invested more time looking for those.


Luckily the school sold the notebooks this year already with the corresponding color for each subject so I didn’t have to wander around town looking for the right colors. My dear husband helped me to wrap them in plastic, which I don’t know if it was wise to allow because I had to un-wrap and re-wrap eight of them to fix.

So, with all the chaos unleashed I found myself with no reading time, not one second! Finally my kids left for school today, hopefully their material is complete and I haven’t forgotten anything.

I’m really sorry that this post has nothing to do with book reading but I just needed to vent… I will put myself to work now and hopefully finish A Gathering of Shadows in the following days.


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